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Extreme Remodel, Fremont, CA

An old house of 1600sf was demolished and a new two story 3040sf residence was built. 50% of the existing foundation was reused for the new construction.




New Residence, Fremont, CA

New 2700sf four bedroom, study room and three bathroom house. Existing garage retained.




Second Story Addition, San Jose, CA

Existing first story exterior walls and garage were retained. The interior was completely reconfigured along with a second story addition to accommodate six bedrooms, four bathrooms, a large kitchen, living, family, and dining room. The new home of 3144sf serves a large, multigenerational family.




Addition, Fremont, CA

900sf addition at front and rear of house consisting of living room, family room, kitchen, and guest bedroom.




Addition / Kitchen Remodel, Milpitas, CA

Addition of 340sf to front of house for new home office/ bedroom, foyer and powder room. The kitchen was expanded and an open floor plan was created.





Partial Project List
Residential Projects:
  • Addition Pleasanton: Addition to first and second floors with total interior remodel.
  • Addition Pleasanton: Addition of 714sf consisting of new guest bedroom, new bathroom, new master bathroom and gameroom.
  • New custom house, Milpitas: 6000sf house for a large, multigenerational family.
  • New custom house, Mission area, Fremont: 6200sf house which exploits spectacular city views.
  • New custom house, Fremont: Existing old 1128sf house demolished. New two story 2500sf house with 3 car garage.
  • Second story addition, Pleasanton: 470sf addition of master bedroom on second floor.
  • Second story addition, Fremont: 2200sf addition at rear and second story involving new kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, and a meditation room. Large windows and a courtyard create a strong connection with the outdoors. The new design preserves most of the existing house to enable the homeowners to occupy it during construction and save on cost.
  • Second story addition, Fremont: Addition to first story family room, bathroom & living room. Second story addition to master bedroom, new laundry room & home office.
  • Second story addition, Milpitas: Interior remodel of first floor living space and expansion of kitchen. Second story addition of 615sf. Both floors are visually connected to allow better supervision of three young children.
  • Addition, San Jose: 940sf addition at rear of the house and interior remodeling involving new master bedroom, master bath, recreation room, and study room. The design accommodates the daughter moving in as a caretaker for her aging parent and also creates privacy for each family member.
  • Interior remodel, Manteca:  Existing floor plan of 1200sf was redesigned to open up the living, family room and kitchen to create a functional space and ancillary areas such as a walk-in pantry, mud room, and an office. The master bathroom was enlarged to serve well for the retired couple.
  • Interior remodel, Fremont: Existing open floor plan of 4200sf was redesigned to create functional spaces and to focus on the views of nearby vineyards.
  • Addition and remodel, Santa Clara: 180sf addition to create a dining room/ hobby room with access to the backyard garden. The existing kitchen layout was redesigned to create a eat-in nook and a small computer center.
  • Interior remodel, Saratoga: Conversion of portion of existing 4 car garage into a bedroom for a growing family.
  • Addition and kitchen remodel, Fremont: Kitchen and family room interior remodel for improved circulation and increased storage space.
  • Remodel-addition, Fremont: Existing ranch house floor plan redesigned to create an accessible house for its owner with a disability per ADA guidelines.
  • Den addition, Fremont: Addition of a den above a living room which had a high ceiling.
  • Bedroom addition, Fremont: A bonus room was converted into a bedroom.
  • Kitchen addition & exterior elevation face-lift, San Jose.
  • Kitchen- Dining remodel, Fremont: Interior wall between kitchen and dining was demolished with a new kitchen layout for additional space and improved circulation.
  • Addition & remodel, Cupertino: 190sf addition of bedroom, bathroom and remodeling of existing space.
  • Addition & remodel, Cupertino: 380sf addition of existing porch converted into living space. New attached two car garage and interior floor plan redesign to create better flow between existing spaces.
  • Addition & remodel, San Jose: 670sf addition of bedroom, bathroom, den, and living room.
  • Addition & remodel, Fremont: 360sf addition of bedroom, bathroom, den, and foyer.
  • Addition & remodel, Fremont: Addition of 620sf consisting of enlarging the living, family room, master bedroom, new study room, new laundry room on second floor and updating existing interior finishes.
  • Addition & remodel, Fremont: 438sf addition of new master bedroom with attached bathroom.
  • Addition & remodel, Cupertino: 213sf addition of master bedroom, master bathroom, and remodeling of existing space.
  • Addition & remodel, San Jose: 375sf addition of guest bedroom, guest bathroom, master bedroom, master bathroom, kitchen, and remodeling of existing space.
  • Addition & remodel, Livermore: 200sf addition to family room and kitchen remodel.

Commercial Projects:

  • Dry Cleaners Store, Dublin: Tenant improvements for 6000sf facility.
  • Tutoring center, Fremont: Existing 100+ years old retail building in an historical district converted to a   K-12 tutoring center.
  • Preschool, Campbell: New 2500sf building and interior improvements of 1560sf existing restaurant building converted to a new preschool facility.
  • Realty office, Fremont: Interior improvements.
  • Place of religious worship, Milpitas: Interior improvements.
  • Electronics assembly company, Fremont: Dividing up interior space to create a new tenant space.
  • Addition to restaurant, Fremont.
  • Office/ furniture warehouse, Fremont: ADA compliance check of existing facility.
  • Software company office, Fremont, CA: Interior improvements.
  • Grocery store, Fremont: Interior improvements.
  • Carport structure, Santa Clara: Covered garage for an apartment building.

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