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Why Remodel?

  • Remodeling gives a you a chance to enhance your lifestyle by having your home custom tailored to your individual needs and tastes.
  • You can have the house you desire without moving out of your current home or neighborhood. No need to worry about selling or buying a new home, school transfers, new neighbors and other factors.
  • You can modernize an old house by creating an open floor plan by knocking down interior walls. Spaces can be redesigned to provide better flow and circulation between existing areas.
  • Remodeling an existing house is green since it avoids the need to purchase a new home built away from the existing urban center and existing infrastructure. This is turn reduces carbon emissions created due to long distance commutes. It also prevents urban sprawl and the unnecessary development of open land. Remodeling gives an opportunity to make the house more energy efficient by installing energy star appliances, improved insulation or solar panels which in turn reduces energy bills.
  • A remodel gives the chance to repair and upgrade safety hazards, old electrical wiring, plumbing fixtures, heating/cooling systems, old appliances, structural issues, outdated finishes, etc.
  • A face-lift for a house adds to its curb-appeal, thus increasing the value of the home and neighborhood.
  • In today's economy, a home is a safe investment for the long term compared to other financial institutions.
  • The interest on most loans for financing remodeling projects is tax-deductible.

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